All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Stribog" is located in Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv Oblast.

Since the beginning of full-scale hostilities, we, the future founders of the foundation, have been involved in providing assistance to citizens affected by aggression and full-scale hostilities, those in difficult life circumstances, medical institutions, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and animals. To organize our actions, capabilities, and participation in grant programs, we decided to establish a charitable foundation with the opening of accounts to receive donor assistance.

The goals of the Foundation's charitable activities include providing assistance to promote the legitimate interests of the beneficiary (beneficiaries) in the fields of social protection, social security, human and citizen rights, fundamental freedoms, social services, poverty alleviation, as well as the development and support of these areas in the public interest. The activity is also aimed at providing targeted charitable assistance to those in need, ensuring safety, preserving the lives and health of people in the specified areas.

The purpose of the Foundation's activities is to carry out charitable activities in the areas defined by this Statute, providing material and/or financial assistance, as well as participating in attracting financial, material, medical, legal, and humanitarian assistance, including in the form of grants, from individuals and legal entities of all forms of ownership, both residents of Ukraine and foreign individuals and legal entities of all forms of ownership.

The spheres of the Foundation's charitable activities include:

  • education;
  • health care and assistance to persons with physical disabilities;
  • ecology, environmental protection, and animal welfare;
  • prevention of natural and man-made disasters and the elimination of their consequences, assistance to those affected by disasters, armed conflicts, and accidents, as well as refugees and individuals in difficult life circumstances;
  • care and guardianship, legal representation, and legal assistance;
  • social protection, social security, social services, and poverty alleviation;
  • culture and art, protection of cultural heritage;
  • science and scientific research;
  • sports and physical culture;
  • human rights and citizen rights, as well as fundamental freedoms;
  • protection of people affected by domestic violence;
  • protection of mother and child;
  • development of territorial communities;
  • development of international cooperation in Ukraine;
  • stimulation of economic growth and development of the economy of Ukraine and its individual regions, as well as increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine;
  • support for the implementation of state, regional, local, and international programs aimed at improving the socio-economic situation in Ukraine;
  • support for the defense capability and mobilization readiness of the country, protection of the population in emergencies in peacetime and wartime.